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Is 1 quantity = to buying a set of 5 rings?: No. 1 quantity is equal to buying 1 single ring.

How are these rings made? These rings are made by a jewelry making technique called "wire wrapping", wrapping one long piece of wire to form jewelry. Using this technique opens a wide variety of unique and creative ways to make our Infiniti rings while still maintaing beauty and keeping it cost efficient for everyone! 

Will these rings bend or break? : Our rings will not break but it is possible to bend them slightly or extremely depending on the pressure that was applied to them. Ways to avoid this would be ordering 16 gauge rings since they are stronger. Treat each ring carefully, never wear your rings when you are doing tasks with your hands such as cleaning, cooking, working, exercising and so on, always put your rings back in their original box or another safe area when not in use. Treating these rings as a delicate accessory can help the longevity of your rings. 

If your ring gets damaged to the point of being unusable, email us what happened and we may be able to give you a discount code to replace the ring at a reduced price depending on the circumstances.

Can my rings get scratched? : YES, it is possible to dent or scratch your rings on a sharp object ( denting or scratching may show the base metal colour underneath the wire).

Will my rings change colour in water? : No, our rings are safe in water and will not change colour. The metal wires are coated in a non-tarnish enamel, unless there is a manufacturing malfunction on the suppliers end, our rings are not expected to tarnish. If there is any problems we encourage you to email us!

Are these rings one size fits all? : Yes, each ring is made adjustable.

My fingers hurt, what do I do? : Always adjust your rings to fit comfortable and not to tight. Always position the ring on the base of your finger nail right under the cuticle, resting it on your skin above the cuticle may result in some pain.

How do I adjust my rings? : First start with the rings being loose on your fingers, if it is tight loosen them. Put the ring on your finger in the desired position then carefully push the ends of the wire closed little by little until it fits comfortable and snug, if you tug on the ring slightly and it stays in place, it is snug . Using a small flat nose piler or a chain nose piler may help to open and close the ends of the wire.

Do you or will you make real gold and silver rings? : We do not make pure gold and pure silver rings, all of our rings are hand crafted, making it impossible to make real rings without using the "wire wrapping" method. Gold plated and sterling silver plated wired rings may be available in the future.

How long will items take to get to me? :  On route -Local shipping may take up to 2-3 business days, Canada and US may take up to 2-7 business days, international shipping may take up to 4-10 business days depending which shipping rate you choose. These are the approximations not including order processing time.

Order processing time : Our order processing time may be 1-2 business days depending on our stock and how many orders we get in a short amount of time. ALL ORDERS ARE MADE TO ORDER. Because we offer many variations per style of rings, we do not keep stock of items. While we do want to get you your orders as fast as possible we also ask for some patience and understanding as it is only one person hand crafting our rings, we at Infiniti Nail Jewelry will continue to try our best to make quality rings while maintaining good, fast service.

COVID-19 shipping delays : The above shipping estimations are standard estimations not taking COVID-19 into consideration. All shipping companies around the world are being delayed and prioritizing more important shipments over others, thus shipments may take longer then estimated depending on the shipping company for the time of COVID-19.

Will you be selling other items then nail rings? : In the future we may sell some simple finger rings or toe rings as add-ons. Sign up for our email list to get notified of any updates, sales and new items, so you are never out of the Infiniti Loop!